If you happen to a member of the LGBT community and have deep love to travel alone, with your partner, or with friends, then you need to be aware of the places where your life could be at risk. Take note of the following locations where you should avoid travelling to for your safety.


Russia is a homophobic country that takes drastic measures to people who are gay, even those who just happens to look gay. The authorities in this country are known to turn a blind eye when crimes happen to gay people.


Legislators in the extremely homophobic African country tried to pass a law from “kill the gays” to “jail the gays” after the first one failed. Fortunately, the second bill was denied as well. And people in Uganda are still looking for ways to legalize the punishment for being gay.


Nigeria competes with Uganda for the excessively homophobic title. Gays in Nigeria are experiencing mob attacks, taken from the comforts of their homes and beaten by the public, with the aid of the police.


This lively island has a legal law prohibiting males to have sex with males. They are firm in following this rule, and LGBT is not in any way welcome in Jamaica.


This Baltic nation may have LGBT protection laws in their system, but the protection ends there in paper. The LGBT community is treated badly in Lithuania, and the LGBT tourists are not cared for or paid attention to by the authorities when they are attacked or abused by their locals.


Egypt takes the morality law very seriously, and they use this to arrest and convict LGBT members with the punishment of 17 years in prison. Traveling LGBT couples showing overly public display of affection can potentially trigger morality sense from the authorities.